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In the modern scenario deciding about your future is not very easy. It becomes more complex when you have so many options, so much information and also so many people giving you their guidance and moreover you cannot ignore their guidance and advises. In the present time the competition is too much that you find yourself no-where even after choosing a very expensive course in search of a bright and secure future. There are too many career options that the students are often confused when they have to decide their career that which career they should choose. Here is our humble effort in deciding the same. At MATS COMPUTERS Academy we believe that if you want to look different than others, then you must achieve such skills that will define you as a competent, target driven and above all you will be the part of organizations looking for smart, dynamic and different visioned professionals. To provide holistic career solutions at one. Single platform MATS COMPUTERS Academy offers industry-oriented courses with high powered practice sessions that will give you the 
heights to succeed in your endeavors. I wish you all the very best and bright future.   

                                                                                                                  -CHAIRPERSON MESSAGE

In the present age of competition it is very difficult to choose a perfect career option so that one can achieve his target and ambition. Everybody is very ambitious in terms of his career. There is a genuine desire in every human being. To use his talents and give expressions. To his personality in the best way but something different. Sometimes people drift into a job giving little thought to the consequences. They make career decisions for superficial reasons and land up with inappropriate
career choices resulting in dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The Academic pursuit necessarily draws n the intellectual development of the individual while the vocation stream develops critical jobs skills. Before some years the students used to follow the 10+2+3 education system. And after that used to search the jobs. But the tastes have changed now. The students should start planning their career just from their 10th standard so that they can have a clear idea about their future and can get a job at right time without facing the hurdles. Here are some efforts from us to show the way to the student to plan their career and make their choices in regard of their future. At MATS COMPUTERS Academy you will discover a new learning experience in a dynamic and supportive environment. Our courses offer flexibility, creativity, innovation and of course innovation. It imbibes you with the confidence to step into the industry with technical skills, to help you excel in this dynamic and competitive world. I wish you all the very success in your future.

                                                                      -DIRECTOR MESSAGE

                                    Preparing you for IT Industry

Today we find various career options brought about by the IT revolution within the IT sector. Networking and software management are the two most important applications which are likely to have a huge demand in future. All of us know about the software and hardware engineers, the WAN and LAN specialists. However, few of us know that computer has emerged as a distinct media likely to overshadow even the electronic media. In future the demand for computer based jobs and computer related professionals is likely to grow rapidly. To be a leader in the IT Industry it is important that we build human assets. Thus it becomes important to invest in human capital and to teach them the required skills so that they can contribute to the IT revolution of the country.